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Bodegas Aragonesas “Coto de Hayas Centenaria” Garnacha 2020

Bodegas Aragonesas “Coto de Hayas Centenaria” Garnacha 2020

Campo de Borja, Spain

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  • Tasting Notes

    The 2020 Bodegas Aragonesas "Coto de Hayas" Centenaria Garnacha from Campo de Borja, a wine of deep ruby red hue, exuding clarity and brilliance. Prevalent notes of red fruit and florals on the nose, with subtle hints of toasted oak and spices. The palate is smooth yet lingering, showcasing a remarkable balance and ample structure. This modern gem boasts concentrated flavors of red plum, cassis, and blackberry, accented by delicate undertones of toast, smoke, and spice. Crafted from old vines with naturally low yields, hand-harvested, and aged in French oak for four months evident in the notes of vanilla and spice on the palate, this wine is great on its own or paired with various dishes, particularly barbecue, for a truly unforgettable experience.

  • Story

    Nestled in the picturesque town of Fuendejalon, in the heart of Spain's Aragon province, Bodegas Aragonesas stands as a venerable institution steeped in history and tradition. Embraced by the upper Ebro River Valley and cradled by the Sierra Moncayo Mountains, this esteemed winery is the largest in the Campo de Borja DO region. Here, amidst the arid heat and dramatic temperature shifts, the ancestral home of Garnacha unfolds its story, dating back to 1145, chronicled in the agricultural records of Cistercian Monks from the nearby Veruela Monastery. Today, Bodegas Aragonesas honors this rich legacy, nurturing century-old Garnacha vines with sustainable, organic methods, ensuring each grape reflects the essence of its storied terroir. From the luscious Fagus to the iconic Garnacha Centenaria, the wines exude approachability, balance, and fruity vibrancy, yet remain deeply rooted in a profound respect for Garnacha's unique character. Since its founding in 1984, the winery has embraced this heritage, continuously refining its craft to elevate each sip to unparalleled heights, earning international acclaim and distinction for its cherished brands. Join Bodegas Aragonesas in celebrating the timeless allure of Garnacha, both on the land and in the bottle, crafting wines that embody the essence of the storied past and the promise of a vibrant future.

  • Somm Notes

    The 2020 Bodegas Aragonesas "Coto de Hayas" Centenaria Garnacha is a real Spanish gem, crafted from 100% Garnacha grapes harvested by hand from very old vineyards, which yield less than 1kg (2 lbs) of grapes per vine, ensuring concentrated flavors and complexity. The grapes are sourced from single vineyards "Monte Alto" and "La Sarda," situated on arid slate soils on the slopes of the Iberian Mountain range near El Moncayo's highest peak. Concentrated flavors from the grapes along with aging in French oak for three months results in a wine that is elegant and full of flavor. Perfectly paired with a variety of dishes, from spicy chorizo and cheese tortilla to grilled young lamb chops, it promises a delightful dining experience.

    It’s always a big hit for any event or gathering, it just pairs exceptionally well with outdoor gatherings and matches to barbecued and grilled meats perfectly!

  • Region

    Campo de Borja, often hailed as the "Empire of Garnacha," is a renowned wine region nestled in the northern Spanish province of Aragon. Spanning over 3,700 hectares of vibrant vineyards, this picturesque landscape boasts a kaleidoscope of colors, thriving under the arid embrace of its distinctive red, stony soils. Here, the region's principal grape varieties, including Garnacha, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah, flourish amidst a harsh climate characterized by scorching days and chilly nights. The vineyards, some over a century old, stand as resilient guardians of unparalleled land, yielding grapes of exceptional quality and personality.

    Defined by its three distinct zones of elevation, Campo de Borja's grape-growing conditions vary markedly with altitude. From the warm lowlands, where Garnacha ripens early, to the characterful middle elevations producing intense wines with ample extract, and finally, the cool slopes of the Moncayo mountains yielding wines of finesse and balance, each zone contributes to the region's diverse wine portfolio. Despite the scarcity of rainfall and the ever-present threat of frosts and hail, the region's resilient vines thrive, their roots delving deep into soils rich in limestone, iron, and clay, offering excellent drainage and nurturing a habitat conducive to quality wine production.

    Steeped in history dating back to Roman times, Campo de Borja's winemaking heritage is as rich and storied as its terroir. Attaining Denominación de Origen (DO) status in 1980, the region continues to honor its legacy, guided by a local Consejo Regulador (wine authority) and supported by a network of 15 registered wineries. With Garnacha as its undisputed protagonist, Campo de Borja produces wines celebrated for their structural complexity, aromatic richness, and remarkable value. Whether crafted from century-old vines or harvested from the slopes of the Moncayo, each bottle from this esteemed region tells a tale of resilience, tradition, and the enduring allure of Garnacha.