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Thacher Working Holiday GSM 2022

Thacher Working Holiday GSM 2022

Geneseo District, Paso Robles, California

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    Since 2004, Thacher Winery has been a beacon of handcrafted excellence in Paso Robles, showcasing the superb fruit of the Central Coast's vineyards. With a focus on small-lot productions, each bottle is a testament to the local subtleties and terroir that define the region. Today, their total production hovers around 5000 cases, all created with low intervention and native ferments, ensuring that each sip embodies the essence of the vineyard. Thacher Winery's mission is clear: to cultivate unique and food-friendly wines that captivate the senses and elevate any dining experience.

    The story of Thacher Winery is one of passion and serendipity. Sherman, once an award-winning brewmaster in Southern California, and Michelle, a graduate of UCSB, found themselves drawn together in the heart of Paso Robles. It was during an evening of barrel sampling that they realized Paso Robles was where they truly belonged. After marrying in 1998 and welcoming three children into the world, the Thachers made the bold decision to leave Santa Cruz behind and embrace their destiny in Paso Robles. In July 2006, they made the move, and by 2008, Thacher Winery had opened its doors, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their family's journey. Today, Thacher Winery remains a testament to their shared vision and dedication, still family-owned and operated, continuing to craft exceptional wines that reflect the spirit of Paso Robles.

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    in the heart of Paso Robles, California, the Geneseo district stands as a shining example of the region's rich winemaking heritage. Borrowing its name from the picturesque town of Geneseo, Illinois, which itself was inspired by Geneseo, New York, this district translates to a "shining" or "beautiful valley" in Iroquois. The story of its settlement echoes the allure of its name, with early settlers drawn by promises of abundant farmland. Today, the Geneseo district spans approximately 17,300 acres and is located just 11 miles east of Paso Robles.

    Characterized by its diverse soils and unique terroir, the Geneseo district boasts a landscape shaped by ancient geological forces. Old alluvial terrace and residual hillside soils, along with gravelly Paso Robles formation and older granites, contribute to the region's distinctiveness. Sandy soils yield wines with vibrant blue fruit notes, while clay-rich soils transitioning into calcareous rocks add depth and complexity to the terroir. The influence of the Templeton Gap effect further enhances the growing conditions, with cool air from the Pacific Ocean moderating temperatures and preserving the grapes' acidity.